APRIL 23, 2018
Pre-Season 2 Man Scramble

After 9 holes Sentilar and Trevor where all tied at -12 with Chopp and Tarun.  The commish team decided that an Up and Down scramble from approximately 35y away (behind a tree to boot) would decide the title.

Chopp led off and placed a very tidy flop shot to approximately 18'.  His partner not to be outdone placed a gem to just under 6' putting the pressure squarely on Trevor and Sentilar.

Trevor went to English route and played a bump and run under the tree which had an excellent line, but unfortunately rolled just off the green with approximately 30' to the hole. Sentilar feeling the weight of his team on his shoulders placed a tidy flop shot to just around 10' keeping their title aspirations on life support.

It all came down to putting!!!!  Trevor misses the 10' and Sentilar drains it.  Tarun goes first and misses the 6' placing ALL the pressure on Chopp.  And unfortunately it was too much for him on this day as he also missed given Trevor and Sentilar the title.

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